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An individual portion of cheesecake available in rotating seasonal flavors. Options include regular, sugar-free & keto friendly, dairy-free & vegan - all 100% gluten-free.


Current Flavors 🍰

🍓Strawberry - graham cracker style crust, strawberry cheesecake filling, graham cracker crumble

🤎 Chocolate - Oreo Crust, chocolate filling, chocolate ganache topping

Individual Cheesecake (chocolate or strawberry)

  • REGULAR GF: gf flour blend, oat flour, brown sugar, himalayan salt, butter, cinnamon, molasses, organic strawberries, sugar, heavy cream, cream cheese, coconut oil, Lorann strawberry emulsion.

    KETO GF: almond four, coconut flour, erythritol, cinnamon, himalayan salt, butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, coconut oil, Skinny Syrup (strawberry), Lorann strawberry imulsion

    VEGAN GF: gf flour, oat flour, brown sugar, himalayan salt, cinnamon, butter alternative (coconut oil based), molasses, cashews, coconut cream, sugar, organic strawberries, lemon juice, Lorann strawberry imulsion.

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